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You’ve got a meeting and don’t want to worry about driving? Are you arriving late at the airport after a long journey and you want perfect safety on the road? Do you need someone to welcome and transfer some important clients?



The best service for you, your employees, customers and suppliers.

Your job is to run the company, ours is to drive and accompany you, your employees and your visitors. We work to save you time and remove your worries. Go to your meeting without worrying about driving, the route or parking. Receive your visitors in your office or at the corresponding meeting point knowing that we will take care of everything. Our services are synonymous with time and risk saving.


Make the most of your journey and use it to relax, do some personal work or for meetings.

We are the first contact for your visitors

You do not need to move about; we do it for you. We take responsibility for meeting your visitors and dropping them at destination, responding both to your requests, as well as your customers’ or suppliers’.

The journey, time to work

We know that time is money and thus our vehicles are furnished with the appropriate equipment so that the journey can be used for working: electricity and USB connection, working table, Wi-Fi, water and any other thing you may need.

We normally arrive late at Barcelona airport after long working hours. The trip to La Garrotxa used to be tiring and risky. With Mr Taxi we have invested in comfort, but specially in safety.


We often receive international visitors that come to see our premises. With Mr Taxi I don’t need to pick them up, I know that they are in good hands and they treat them like I would, but with the plus of being professional drivers.